Imagine a meditation created just for you…


with your utmost personal needs and heart desires in mind.

Imagine the support you would receive by this recording which may be to release negative thoughts and beliefs, explore your heart center, connect and receive Spiritual guidance, step into your power, deal with life changes, reduce stress and anxiety, free past hurts, heal relationships, open to abundance and prosperity, enjoy better health, embrace positivity, or practice self-compassion.

These personalized guided meditations include your desired theme or setting, affirmations, imagery, music or nature sounds that you like.

Please note that after our 20-minute initial meeting, there is a 7-14 day turnaround to receive your created meditation as an MP3 recording. Timing depends on those personalized meditations that may already be in the production queue.
If for a gift, I can share a gift image with you to share with your loved one.

The fee is $100.