Next Sound Energy Clinic will be in the Spring.

At Peaceful Wellness Madison Studio
A great way to experience Sound Healing!

I also offer other opportunities for this short sound healing experience. Be sure to see events where I offer a labyrinth walk with seated sound healing and at other times.

This “clinic” is held from 12:00 – 2:00 pm, this monthly free (or by donation) “clinic” brings an opportunity for you to experience the benefits of a short sound energy “tune-up” that grounds and relaxes.

Sound Energy sessions are 15-minutes and free or by donation.
The Sound Bath at 3:00 pm is $25.

In the 15-minute session you will experience:

  • Seated session with feet in a large Tibetan Singing Bowl
  • Circled with sound
  • Become grounded
  • Focus enhanced
  • Energy field balanced
  • Chakras cleared
  • Body calmed and soothed
  • Energy field sealed at end

Then, later at 3:00 pm, return to experience a full sound bath ($25)!

See button below for private integral sound healing treatments that are available.

Private Integral Sound Healing Sessions are Available

Learn more about the benefits of sound healing.