Honoring Your Emotions

Honoring Your Emotions

In our Mindful Book Group online yesterday, I shared a mindful body scan and RAIN practice to help us with any emotions we may have been feeling with the Supreme Court’s decision. We took about 35 minutes to do so and then opened to a sharing in the support of our sangha.

It’s important that we honor the emotions that are arising within us with not only this decision yesterday, but anytime we have strong emotions that seem to overwhelm us. We can hold our emotions with tenderness and care and the RAIN practice helps us to do so. It provides an opportunity to recognize our emotion, allow it to be present, investigate what it feels like in the body and mind, and then provide nurturing to our spirit.

I share with you below an episode of my podcast where I share this RAIN Practice. I hope you find it of benefit to you at this time.

I encourage you to join in the meditation classes for this week.

In this episode, Deb presents the importance of honoring our heart which is the home of our emotions. In Deb’s experience, many times she did not know what she was feeling emotion-wise. In her upbringing and those of many others she has worked with, emotions were a message not received and accepted, and mostly denied. To counter this in our present moment experience, we can use a practice titled “RAIN” which can help us to be aware of our heart and to tenderly offer self-compassion. Included in this episode is the “RAIN” Meditation Practice.

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