Real Happiness Week Four: Day 23: Walking Lovingkindness

We are back to our walking meditation but this time we are incorporating lovingkindness. What a day here to do so with 46 degrees and sunny. I’ll take it after our time of bitter cold and snow. The focus here is practicing the phrases of Metta as you are walking, with yourself, with others, with all beings you meet.

I enjoyed this practice today and those that passed by, even in cars. Judgments arose as well as sensations arose. In all, May I/you be happy, May I/you be well, May I/you be safe, May I/you be peaceful and at ease. It has quite the rhythm while you are walking!

Let me know how this week goes for you with each practice that I post. You can join me in my mindfulness classes or if you would you like personal meditation instruction, I am happy to assist you through these practices. Contact me.


Recommended reading for Week Three of the Challenge is pages 152 – 160 and pages 177 – 183 in the second edition of the book, “Real Happiness”.





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