Real Happiness Donation-Based Program from Sharon Salzberg

Real Happiness Donation-Based Program from Sharon Salzberg

If you missed signing up for my Awakening Joy program, I want to share with an excellent program by renowned mindfulness teacher and one of my favorite teachers, Sharon Salzberg.  Starting on February 1st, Sharon is providing her Real Happiness Challenge as an exploration of meditation tools. Whether you are new or want to refresh your practice, this will be an excellent way to root your practice.

Many of these practices I have shared with you in my own mindfulness classes. I will be sharing some of these practices throughout the month of February in my classes and on my social media.

Each week there is a focus:

Week 1 – Concentration Practice
Week 2 – Mindfulness of the Body
Week 3 – Mindfulness of Emotions
Week 4 – Lovingkindness Practice

Hashtags for the program are #RealHappiness and #Commit2Sit

Register here and make a sliding scale donation ($0-$100) – https://sharon-salzberg.teachable.com/p/real-happiness-meditation-challenge/

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