Are You Stressed? Have a Hard Time Relaxing?

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Are You Stressed? Have a Hard Time Relaxing?

If so, I’m here to assist you! My private meditation sessions include the use of a biofeedback device. The device is safe and an innovative way of introducing meditation and relaxation training to my clients. It will make relaxation easy, fun and effective. You can think of interactive meditation as a vacation for your mind.

The initial commitment to the private meditation instruction sessions is to at least eight (8) weekly sessions. We have to give time to see how meditation will work for you to bring relaxation, less stress and more peace into your life. We can continue after the eight weeks of course. if we feel satisfied with the progress and you would like to continue to build on your practice.

In our sessions, I will use the device as a complement to my instruction on meditation and mindfulness. It simply clips to one ear. It will help to support your stress management and wellness needs. This device will only be used in our sessions together. You do not need to use the device at home.

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The goal is simple. Through interactive relaxation games you will learn how to calm your mind and body so when you experience a surge of emotions or a stressful event you will know how to work through the anxiety and move forward with your day.

Together with my guidance and the device, I will help you to learn meditation and mindfulness. I’ve personally used a similar device with myself and family over the last 13 years. With this newly revamped version of the original device, it has continued to show tremendous results by not only meditation instructors but psychologists, therapists, clinicians, educators and has been recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil, a world-renowned leader in integrative medicine.

Who am I? I have been a meditation and mindfulness practitioner since 1980. I am certified in both and I am a yoga pracitioner and registered yoga teacher.
Deb Phelps, CMI, MMT, RYT and Owner of Meditate Madison

If you feel this would help you reduce your stress and anxiety along with learning meditation and mindfulness, contact me and we can begin the process of connecting, setting up a schedule so you may be guided to happiness and health.

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