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April’s Theme | Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Our theme for April is “Relieve Stress & Anxiety.” This coincides with April being Stress Awareness Month.

Stress and anxiety can seem to take a hold of us. However, through practices such as we offer at Meditate Madison, i.e. meditation, yoga, sound healing, spirituality and other wellness practices, you can learn to focus the mind, relieve anxiety, bounce back after stressful situations, and feel strong and calm under pressure. Plus, these practices bring a deep relaxation to your mind, body and spirit.

Attend one of the varied classes and/or programs this month as we explore this focus of relieving stress and anxiety in our lives.

Below you will find our classes, workshops and other events for this month. Additionally you will find information on private/personal sessions available to you with Deb Phelps.

We start the month of with a FREE COMMUNITY DAY on Saturday, April 6th. Join us to learn about our classes, workshops, and private sessions that are available to you.

Take a look at the Community Day Schedule here.

Attend one of the varied programs this month. Please note that there is a 2-hour registration requirement for classes. Workshops and other events may vary.

Guided Meditation Classes
Our guided meditation classes will help us to slow down relax and let go from the busyness so we can bring clarity to our mind. Each meditation class provides experiences with a variety of meditations and mindfulness practices.

  • Mondays at 7:00 pm
    Please note: the Mondays at 7 pm class will be a the Meditation 101 class for the month of April starting April 8th, see below,
  • Saturdays at 10:30 am
  • Sundays at 9:30 am

Peaceful Yoga-for-All
These classes incorporate gentle movement and meditation, each taking about half of the class session. It’s available to anyone no matter your size, shape or ability. Props are provided such as chairs, blocks, straps, walls, bolsters, and mats. You can sit in a chair for many of the poses if you need to do so.

  • Mondays at 5:30 pm
  • Fridays at 11:00 am
  • Saturdays at 9:00 am

Can’t make any of these days/times?
Book a private session, more information at the bottom of this post.
I have openings for more clients for private sessions.

Workshops & Other Events for April

Meditation 101 4-Week Class
A great way to relieve stress & anxiety is by learning meditation. If you are new to meditation or need support, this class is for you. This will take the place of our Guided Meditation Class on Mondays for the month of April. Starts Monday, April 8th at 7 pm. Register & More Information

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Workshop
In this 90-minute workshop, Sarah Kangas present how yoga can assist you in reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga can help to temper anxiety while also releasing physical tension. You will learn poses and breath control which will help you when anxiety strikes. Tuesday, April 8th at 6 pm. Register and More Information

Bring Balance to Your Life Workshop
How often in your busy life do you crave a more simple life? A balance in life that right now seems miles away? In this 2-hour workshop, Deb Phelps will provide ways that you can bring balance to your busy world internally and externally. Saturday, April 13th at 1 pm. Register and More Information

Restorative Yoga with the Crystal Singing Bowls
Register Now as this session always sells out. Your Restorative Yoga session will be further enhanced by the beautiful sounds of the crystal singing bowls bringing mind and body into a deeper state of relaxation. In this special class, participants will relax in gentle yet full and deep stretching poses. Sunday, April 14th at 2 pm. Register and More Information

Yoga for Runners Workshop
This workshop with Sarah Kangas combines the body mechanics of running with the feel-good vibes of yoga! Saturday, April 20th at 1 pm. Register and More Information

Easter Singing Bowls Meditation
Take a sound bath and relax in the healing properties of the Crystal Singing Bowls. 45-minute session. Saturday, April 20th at 10:30 am. Takes the place of the Saturday Guided Meditation class. Register and More Information

Knowing Your True Identity Workshop
Knowing the greater Self that you are can bring you energy, solutions, opportunities, and all that you need to move forward into your highest future. Knowing your true identity is one of the most life-changing steps you will take on your path of awakening. 3-hour Workshop with Paul Phelps. Saturday, April 27th at 9:00 am. Register and More Information

Private Sessions with Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, RYT

Relieve Stress and Embrace Peace with Sessions Facilitated by Deb

Mind, Body & Spirit Sessions in:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness – Have a hard time relaxing? Sessions with a biofeedback device coupled with interactive instruction will assist you in the process.
  • Chair, Restorative, Gentle & Mindful Yoga – Yoga for Insomnia, Yoga for Depression and to Boost Energy, Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Female Hormone Balance, Yoga for Lower Back Aches & Stiffness, Chair Yoga for Seniors, Office Workers, or Flexibility Issues, or whatever it is you need, we’ll work together on a lesson plan.
  • Sound Healing with the Crystal Singing Bowls – Private session with an intention and focus on your needs. With the sound healing meditation, you will access your own healing power within.
  • Spiritual Direction – Learn to connect and tune into your Higher Self.
  • Specialized Topics for Life Coaching – Anxiety & Stress Reduction, Self-Compassion, Bring Balance to Your Life, Accessing Inner Wisdom, Releasing Negative Thoughts & Beliefs, Forgiving & Healing Relationships, or Create Your Own Coaching Package
  • Personalized Guided Meditations – Use guided meditations? Would you love to have your own beautifully created meditation that is specific to you and your intentions or needs?
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