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Upcoming Changes to Deb’s Yoga Classes

Due to my current Yoga Therapy training and live classes I need to attend, I have to make a few adjustments to the yoga classes I present.

Tuesday Chair Yoga at 11 am is now postponed until further notice so I may attend the Yoga Therapy training class at the same time. This will be an ongoing class for me until I graduate from the program.

Saturdays at 9 am, Mondays at 5:30 pm (starting 2/18) and Fridays at 11 am.
With my recent certification in “Yoga for All” style of classes, all of my yoga classes will be as set up as “Yoga for All.” These classes start with the premise:

Come as You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can

These classes are open to anyone of any size, shape, or ability. You will receive personal attention in our small space. If you need to do yoga in a chair, you can do so! If you want to use the wall, do so! If you need props such as blocks, bolsters and straps, do so! Everyone can learn together!

This Gentle Yoga class is a 60-minute body-positive class that involves half the class spent in gentle yoga and the other in guided meditation and relaxation. It is a quiet, slow, and meditative class incorporating mindfulness and meditation. Variations of poses will be provided using props such as chairs, blocks, straps, walls, and bolsters. If you attended one of my chair yoga classes in the past, you can be at ease in attending this class. 

With the variation of Chair Yoga during our session, it does makes yoga accessible to all. Those of you with disabilities, weight challenges, inflexibility, or who just cannot get on the floor for whatever reason can still benefit from our yoga practice.

We are a body-positive, yoga-for-all space. Our classes are open to all bodies, all abilities, all levels are welcome.  Note if you have allergies: Aromatherapy using essential oils is used to enhance the session with a diffuser and/or eye pillows. 

Anyone is welcome at any size or ability. I offer variations to poses to assist you to make the most out of our practice. We are here to accept and believe in ourselves no matter how we look or who we are. 

From a student — Excellent class Deb! I appreciated the combined yoga and meditation with the topic centering on self-love. Your instructions were clear to follow and the intimacy of the small group was helpful for me to follow along more easily with the yoga positions. I loved the lavender aromatherapy touches and I am looking forward to the class! Thank you! 

Taught by Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, RYT, Yoga for All Certified Instructor, Yoga Therapist IT 

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