Wellness Classes & Workshops Coming in 2019

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Wellness Classes & Workshops Coming in 2019

Here is what we have upcoming in the New Year!

Inspiring and Healing Classes and Workshops

  • Connecting with Your Inner Guide – Learn to listen to your inner intuition, guide, guardian angel, teacher (called by different names). If you need to make a decision, you can call on this internal connection to the Divine.
  • Chakra Alignment – Learn to align and balance your chakras.
  • Essential Oils 101 – You’ve heard of Essential Oils, perhaps even dabbled in it. What can essential oils do for you? Especially in cold and flu season!
  • Meditation for Beginners – Want to learn to meditate or better your practice? This class will be for you!
  • From Anxious to Awesome – Do you have anxiety? Everyone experiences stress and worry at times. Learn effective simple tools to help you learn to relax.
  • And More to Come!

Also starting in January I will be offering private sessions for Sound Healing using the Crystal Bowls. I’ve been fascinated with my coursework through the Sound Healing Academy and I cannot wait to share these private sound healing sessions with you!

We will be continuing our yoga and meditation classes. There will be some tweaks to the schedule for the new year as well to accommodate these workshops and classes. If you have suggestions for future programs, we’re all ears!

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