10 Misconceptions About Mindfulness Meditation

In an article for The Huffington Post, Charles Francis lays out the misconceptions that those new to meditation may have. There are benefits to meditating most definitely. As Charles points out those are better health, relationships, and personal fulfillment.

The ten misconceptions are as follows, and I encourage you to go to The Huffington Post to read the entire article.



Remember, these are MISCONCEPTIONS…

  1. All meditation is pretty much the same.
  2. Mindfulness meditation is of no practical use.
  3. Mindfulness meditation is used to escape reality.
  4. Mindfulness meditation is self-absorption.
  5. I need to quiet my mind before I start meditating.
  6. It takes a long time to realize any benefits.
  7. Mindfulness meditation is difficult.
  8. Meditation is a religious practice.
  9. It takes too much time.
  10. Meditation is only for those who are seeking enlightenment.

Whoa! Be sure to read how Charles dispels these misconceptions!

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Meditation Stepping Stones

Meditation Stepping Stones

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