I’ll Take My Heart over Fear

I saw the following quote this morning, “Stop being afraid of what can go wrong. Start being excited about what can go right.” I was just mulling this very idea as I unloaded dishes from the dishwasher just prior to heading online. You see, I am embarking on a new venture this week as I open a meditation studio here in Madison. This is a venture that came as quite the surprise to me within the last several weeks. And yes, I’ve seen the rolled eyes and heard the naysayers, yet I don’t desire to listen to their voices. Their voices are only the voices of deep fear within their own being.

The latter half of the quote, “Start being excited about what can go right” is powerful. We dwell too much on the first half which prevents us from the second half of the quote.

For me, I believe it is imperative I live my life to the fullest. I would rather come to the end of my life and be happy I made attempts at those nudges and intuitions I had throughout my time here than to ignore them and say “I wish I would have ______.” There is nothing sacred about sacrifice and suffering.

My entire life I have been one who walks to the beat of a different drummer. I didn’t always follow the crowd, and still, do not. I would rather be who I am than just another in the herd following along mindlessly.

Over the years, I have attempted various ventures, some have continued and some have not. How do I know unless I give it my all? Is it all about success or failure, or is it that I listened to what my heart whispered to me.

I’ll take my heart over fear.

I have made mistakes in my life and I have enough tragic stories to write a book, but that is not the book of my life I want to author. I want to overcome those stories and live in the Light. Yes, they occurred. Yes, they were painful. Yes, I can move beyond them.

What is meditation but a calming of the mind from the nagging words of the ego? There is focus and direction, even when the monkey thoughts swing from tree to tree in the mind if I so decide. You see, I have a choice. I always have a choice in which thoughts to give my attention.

Who do I listen to? I listen to the Divine Voice within that I trust will direct me through the various episodes in my life that will help me to learn patience, embrace love, and experience peace. I admit I love to learn. And, that is how I came to be at so much at peace in my life. We cannot be afraid to live our lives here in the world by what we witness. For you see, we are only seeing what we choose to see. There may be corruption, dissension, and hatred, yet there is also understanding, unity, and love. The thoughts I hold in my mind are the ones that I will see in my world.

Which will you see?

There there are those that speak of “reality.” They say, “You’ve got to have a realistic view,” coughing stuffily. What if there is a choice in the realistic view you have? What kind of world would you see?

I can hear the “but’s” already.

I can only speak from my own journey in life. Your journey is yours and what you make of it. In the meantime, I will continue to follow my inner guidance, and I pray you will follow yours.

If you feel nudged to do something, like start a business, take a new class, become a consultant in your field of expertise, or otherwise step outside your comfort zone, then take a chance and do it. Give it your all and see what unfolds. Remember success is not determined by what the world espouses it should be, and neither is failure. You allow the seed to grow and to flourish, and you respect the learning from it. You can continue to learn from it even if you have to graciously resign from what “it” is. What’s important is, you said “Yes!” to life and there is nothing more important than saying than affirming your journey in life.

Too many people spend their days ruminating about what might have been. Don’t be one of those people. If you enrolled in flight lessons, and you don’t pass the exam to receive your pilot’s license, that doesn’t mean you haven’t soared. You soared in your spirit by taking the step to do so, and your spirit is better for it.

I look upon my new venture with calmness and anticipation of the unknown. I am strong in my faith of this is what it needs to be right now in my life. Occasionally the voice of ego and fear arises, but then I remember what leads me and that is sharing my knowledge and talents with others so that they too may know peace within themselves. If I touch just one person by this, it will be worth all the time and effort I put into this. And you know, I already have witnessed that I have. And that’s the gift.



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